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Every place on this Earth, is a den to various treasures, of which, Singapore is a very small island, but a treasure on the whole.
The treasure, in other words, is the multi racial society. Singapore is a rich country only because of its people  from various races that form a harmonious community. 
People come together during all the festivities and events which ushers happiness and togetherness within the community.
Though, Singapore is a very fast paced city and the people are very busy with their daily schedules, they are very actively involved in the society. Many of the local folks make it a part of their life to give back to the society by contributing towards helping the disabled and the lonely.
This country is always active where, entertainment has become a necessity of the day and hence all over the city through out the year.
Thus, sgallinone is an initiative to publish information on the whereabouts of Singapore and provide a platform of updates on the happenings around the city.